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The crime epidemic that’s going on in the United States today is multifaceted. A couple of reasons. One is we saw all last summer where they allowed people to throw rocks and bricks and stones at police officers. And very little was done. We’ve elected throughout the country, very liberal prosecutors that think more of the criminal than they do the victims. And what that does is that empowers these criminals to continue to commit crime in the United States. Recidivism is about 80%. So if these guys go to jail or go to prison, when they get out, it’s a 80% likelihood, they’re gonna commit another crime. We do a horrible job, rehabilitating criminals. When they go to jail. Matter of fact, a lot of times it feels like a country club to them. They get, you know, really good food. They get to exercise, they get to stay indoors. And I think what we need to do throughout the nation is look and see what we’re doing to prevent those guys from committing additional crimes.

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