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First, I would like to say that I love teachers. Teachers are one of the professions that we need. Good, honest people in those professions. I do think that maybe we ought to do a good thorough background on teachers, just like we do police officers before they get on the job. But I think the teachers are underpaid. I think the school systems have limited resources and I think the state needs to do a better job of funding those resources. I do believe that, uh, teachers should stick to teaching the fundamentals, math, English, arithmetic. We need to get the teachers away from talking about their personal beliefs. If we can’t talk about God in school, we ought not talk about any personal beliefs in school. When I was in high school, we taught home economics. We taught wood shop. We taught mechanics. We have to get back to teaching our young people how to have a good work ethic in this country, laborers anymore. A lot of these kids think they have to go to college and we have nobody with no brick masons, no plumbers, no electricians. And I think we need to get back teaching our young people how those jobs are very honorable and they can make a good living by doing those jobs.

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