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Well, it’s a little frustrating when you live on the southside of Atlanta and you have to go to the airport and you get on the interstate and you see burnt cars. That’s been on the side of the interstate for weeks at a time. You see mattresses on the interstate. That’s been there for a while. You see trash and debris. And then about the time you hit, uh, 85 right there at 2 85, and you see potholes the size of small cars, and then the bridge right there for about the last seven years, they’ve been telling us they’re gonna reconstruct that bridge to make it easier for people to get on and off because it’s a traffic jam in the morning and in the evening. Well, for seven years, they keep kicking that can down the road. However, if you drive on the northside of Atlanta, you drive up 400 and you’re not gonna see any potholes.

You’re certainly not gonna see any burned out cars in every exit. You’re gonna see a brand new bridge. I ask you why, why did they get it on the north end of Fulton county? But we can’t get it on the south end of Fulton county. Well, I would submit to you that it’s because they had no representation. They had nobody at the capitol fighting for them to get the things they need in the infrastructure. On the southside of Atlanta, we need someone cleaning those interstates. We need someone fixing the potholes and we need the new bridge right there at exit 61 in district 68.

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